Do I need a domain name and Hosting?
You can install the script on an existing domain, or an entirely new domain, the choice is yours. If you need a host, We recommend iPage Web Hosting, they offer Free Domain Registration, Free Setup, and Free Support! or GoDaddy as we've set up the script on these hosts before and we know these hosts work well.


Can I resell the script?
No, You cannot the resell the script. The license permits using the script on one single domain name. There are no additional fees.

If I need help, how do I get it?
We offer technical support for our customers who purchase our installation option only. The scripts include detailed installation documentation. We will not provide support if you purchase the scripts alone.

I have more questions, where can I get answers?
Simply click on the contact us button at the top of any page to be taken to our support system. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

What are the server requirements to run this script?
You will need PHP Version 4.0 or better, along with GD2 installed for PHP (for use with Captcha anti-spam encoder) and MySql 4.0 or better. Ability to create a MySql database and User. Ask your web host, most every web host provider has these requirements already installed. If you're not sure, ask your web host.

Is the installation difficult to do?
If you are familiar with installing PHP scripts, this will be a very easy task. Aside from the installation manual, we do not provide support, or provide lessons on how to install a PHP script. You should be familiar with creating a MySql database and a MySql user, as well as changing file permissions. If you are not, order the scripts with our installation service.

Can I edit the scripts or change the websites myself?
Yes, you control the header, footer, and left side links, You can even edit the home page to add your own welcome text message all from the admin control panel. Even if you know nothing about being a webmaster, you can edit the site to your own liking. Aside from the installation process, there is no need to manually edit or FTP any files.

I know nothing about websites. How difficult will this be for me?
We've made our admin control panel as simple and easy as it could be. If you're a new webmaster, or not familiar with installing PHP website, We do recommend you have us install it for you. See our order form for the "Installed Version".

If you're looking for an even simpler complete ready to go site with hosting and support, see This option is not as flexible as our classifieds script version.


Where can I host my new website?
You can register a domain and get hosting for less than $8.00/mo. Choose any basic "Linux Hosting Package". We recommend iPage Web Hosting. Free Domain Registration, Free Setup, and Free Support -- All risk free! or as we've set up the script on these hosts before and we know these hosts work well.

Are any link backs or copyright notices required?
If you would like to provide a link back to our site, that would be great, but it isn't required. There are NO links in the scripts that point back to our site.

How much money can I make?
The amount of money you will make will depend on how successful you are at marketing your new business . Some of our customers are making a very good living selling classified ads, where others may never sell more than a few. Your success depends on you. We give you the complete turnkey business, the rest is up to you. We do not sell or promote your website for you.

Are there any other hidden fees?
No, the only cost to you that we will ever charge you is the cost of the script. (other than custom branding or other paid services we offer, such as custom programming, design and installation services), you will only be charged the one fee.

Who hosts the sites? Registers the domains?

You are responsible for registering your own domains name and providing hosting You are free to use whoever you choose to provide hosting, registration and other web related services. You will be downloading the site in zip format to be installed where you choose.



Can I edit the site with my own look?

Yes, in the Admin section, you can alter the site to any look you choose. The scripts use PHP templates, along with an online page editor, so you can add or remove site content with ease. We do not provide script customizations, we only sell the script as it is, like the demo shown. If you would like to change the look, there are three easy areas to change from the Admin Panel. The header / Logo at top , the LEFT links area, and the footer text. There is no need to hire a webmaster to do this, you can do this yourself anytime you want. The scripts are done professionally and utilize easy to edit "templates". The overal site settings, prices, and operations are all controlled by you in the easy to manage admin control panel.

Can I see the admin area and how it works?

Yes, Check out the Admin Demo Video



I want a specific feature, can the script do what I want?

The script comes with the features as you see it in the demo. All the features are listed here. You are free to alter the script as you need. You can do this yourself, hire a php programmer, or request a quote from us on the features you are looking for.



Can I install this on multiple domain names?

You can install the script multiple times on any one domain only. Should you wish to install on other domains, you will need to purchase another license for each domain you install it on.



Can I install this in a sub folder of my domain name?

Yes, for example your classified ads site could be installed like this (if you don't want to put it on it's own domain name):


Can I change the currency format?

Yes, you can change it to use any currency that is supported by Paypal.


Can you translate to other Languages?

Yes, You can translate into 41 different languages with this translation plug-in.

If you order the plug-in, as well as our installed script, we will integrate the plug-in for you as well for no additional charge.



How do you setup a classified ads site on a new domain?


1st) We recommend getting a domain name and website hosting. We recommend iPage Web Hosting ( the basic unix hosting account will do) as we've set up the script on this host many times before and we know these hosts work well.

Once you set up your domain and hosting plan, then come back here to this site, and order the installed version (OPTION 2) Here.

If you already have an existing domain and hosting set up, and your domain is working, and your website address comes up in your browser, then you can now order the script and we will install it for you if you order (OPTION 2) .

2nd)After you order the script, you'll see a button that says click to “Return to Merchant” which will bring you to a form where you will fill-in your username and password to your domain control panel or FTP login details (which you got from your webhost). That information is then sent to us for installation. You can also simply forward us the “welcome email” you got from your webhost which includes your webhosting login information.

3rd)Upon receipt of your login info, one of our technicians will then install the script for you and email you when complete, usually within 48 hours. We'll also include further details about how to login into and edit your new classified ads site. Your new ads business is Online and ready for Orders!

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