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Company Information

ads-o-matic is the brainchild of two young netrepreneurs who were desperately trying to figure our how to put their marketing efforts on "auto-pilot". For years they struggled, registering their web sites with search engines, posting classifieds, submitting and submitting into the wee hours of the nite.

"we worked our little fingers off, we thought we had a good web site, good products, and the drive to make our site successful, but I guess it just wasn't enough. We needed something more...we needed a "draw" to get people to come to our web site".

So in June of 1995, we decided to add a free classified ad section to our website. We knew people would come if we offered something free. We looked all over the web to find something that would allow us to offer free ads to our visitors. We found a few programs which looked interesting, but most of them had buttons and banners all over them promoting other peoples website's. Why would we want to do that?

We'll we finally found a program we could customize to promote our products, but by the time we bought it, and finally found someone to install it for us--we we're out of pocket over $1500.00!

The good news is, it did turn out to be a great investment--it really paid off.

After our classified site was set up, we registered it with all the search engines and added a link to our new free classified section from our web site. It couldn't have been more than a week, when we noticed a significant increase in our traffic.

People we're coming to our site!

We finally found a "draw". We could provide a valuable free tool for our visitors, showcase our products, and build our own mailing list all at the same time. It was a terrific concept that kept our products in front of our visitors eyes time and time again (the repeat traffic was great). Needless to say, we made back our $1500.00 investment in less than 2 months. It was a system that worked for us, why wouldn't it work for others?

So, being the netrapreneurs we are, we were thinking "what other products could we offer to our customers?"

How about an easier way to set up your own free classified ad site!

In October 2000, Ads-o-matic.com was born, and we're happy to tell you, this is the easiest way to run your own classified ad site.

Thanks for spending some time with us,

Joe & Tom, The webmasters





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