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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't have a website, can I still use this?

Absolutely! Whether you have a website or not, you can still take advantage of owning your own classified ad site! Just promote your "free classified ad site" and you will get traffic. We even promote your site for you by plugging you into hundreds of traffic streams instantly! Instead of trying to post ads everywhere promoting your program, simply promote your "free classified ad site", and let the buyers come to you! You don't need a domain name, you don't need expensive webmasters, and you don't need to administer anything. We handle all of the technical issues for you.

How do I add my own banners and buttons to my classified ad site?

Real easy, just log into your administration panel and click on the "upload button", this will automatically upload your own banner or button to your site. If you don't have a banner or button, we'll show you where you can automatically generate them for free once you're logged into your administration page.

I have no ads in my classified ad site, will people still visit my site?

When people come to your free classified ad site, you won't want to look like a newbie. If they see very few ads on your site, chances are they'll leave thinking "gee, this is not a very popular site". Don't worry, we've got you covered. The ads you accept on your site will be combined with other ads from other adsomatic site owners. It will appear that you've got the hottest site around. You'll immediately have 1000's of pre-loaded ads on your site.

How can I get traffic to my classified ad site?

One of the many features of your new classified ad site, is the " traffic plug-in" feature. The day you activate an account, we will announce your new site to over 300 traffic sources and start pushing traffic to your new site. We will also submit your site to other classified ad submission services in an effort to get even more traffic to your site. You will still need to promote your new classified ad site just as you would any other site in order to maximize your traffic. Don't simply count on our efforts, you must promote your site.

I have a MAC, use AOL or WebTV, can I still use this?

Yes, if you can access the internet, you can use adsomatic! The entire application is hosted on our high speed servers. You dont have to download anything, it's all point and click.

Is this considered SPAM?

Definitely not! If you've ever posted an ad online, you already know it is common to receive a back an email confirmation of your ads. This is NOT spam, this is a net friendly way to capture your visitors email addresses, send out a confirmation, and get your full page email message out to thousands, automatically, and without spam!

How do I incorporate this into my own website?

Super easy! Just create a hyperlink on your site and point people to your new Free Classified Ad site. Your own name and banners will appear on your site. It will appear to the visitor that they are simply visiting another page on your web site. Complete step by step instructions for creating your link are available when logging into your administration page.

Can I have more control and more functions like adding my own categories or changing fonts and colors?

No, there are 14 categories in adsomatic, typically most everyone can find a related category for the product or service they want to place an ad for. Your classified ads site will look just like the demo site . If you want more control over your own site, we can install or sell you a classifed ads script you can run yourself and change it how you like. Go here >>

I want to charge money for ads, can I?

No, AdsOmatic is set up as a free ads site in order to get people to come to your site and post free ads. If you want to charge for ads, get this script.

Why use this instead of installing my own classified ad scripts?

This is the very same question we asked ourselves before opening up adsomatic. If you add up all the costs, hassle, and frustration involved in setting up your own free classified ad site, the answer is quite clear. Here's a breakdown of some costs you'll incur:

Do I need a Domain Name and/or Website?

No. Your own website or a new domain is not needed. When you sign up with adsomatic you will get your own adsomatic site URL, similar to this: http://www.adsomatic.com/classdemo.cgi?10118
You can add a link to your existing site, or promote this URL as your stand-alone website.

Items Required Do it yourself Costs Adsomatic
Buy scripts  $300.00 and up $0.00
Get Hosting Provider  $239.40 ($19.95/mo) $0.00
Script Installation  $195.00 $0.00
Administration  $200.00/year minimum $0.00
Create Web Site  $500.-$1,500. $0.00
Promotion  $150 and up $0.00
Set Up Time  3-6 weeks  Instant
Total Set Up Fee's
(plus monthly hosting fee's)
$99.00 life time account, no monthly fee's ever! NO hidden costs!
* Frustration and Hassle NOT included


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