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Get your own Free Classified Ad Site, and
watch your traffic soar!

Drives traffic to your site!:

Whether you already have a website or not,If you've been looking for a way to drive more visitors to your website, you must give people a reason for coming. By adding a free classified section to your website, you instantly create interaction with your visitors, capture each and every email address, and follow up with these prospects all on auto-piot!

Sends thousands of "net friendly" email messages:

Direct contact by email is the strongest format of direct marketing online. Spam is dead, by sending a confirmation email to everyone who posts an ad on your site, your direct sales message will be delivered directly to thousands of fresh, new prospects each and every day!

Automatically emails to thousands of opt-in email addresses:

Sales rarely just happen. You must create the sale. To do this, you'll need to establish contact. Your adsomatic website will do this for you effortlessly. The autoresponder system will auto-send to your collected email addresses and send a confirmation email with your sales pitch everytime someone posts an ad to your site. Nothing to download, nothing to install! It does this all automatically

Customizable confirmation message:

From your adsomatic website, You will access your own administration panel and be able to change your customized message at any time.

Add your own banner, or charge others to advertise on your site:

Your website is customized to suit you. You can upload any banner of your choice, change your banner, or simply leave the default banner and earn commission from others should they wish to purchase their own Ads-O-Matic website.

Built in affiliate plan:

Once you own your own free classified site, you are automatically enrolled in our revenue share program. You will earn $40.00 for each person you directly refer, plus $10.00 on all sales from the person you referred! It's a two-tier plan, that pays you on two levels. $40.00 for your direct sales, plus $10.00 on each sale your customer earns! Pretty cool, huh?

Plugs into your existing site to look and feel like your own:

Whether you already own a website or not. Linking to your free classified section is a snap. You'll have your own URL, so you can either create a simple link, or promote your URL as a standalone site.

Thousands of ads already included:

When people come to your free classified ad site, you won't want to look like a newbie. If they see very few ads on your site, chances are they'll leave thinking "gee, this is not a very popular site". Don't worry, we've got you covered. The ads you accept on your site will be combined with other ads from other adsomatic site owners. It will appear that you've got the hottest site around. You'll immediately have 100's of ads pre-loaded on your site.

No complicated set up or administration required:

The last thing you'll want to bother with is hiring programmers, webmasters, and webhosting fee's. At adsomatic, we do all the work. We maintain the servers, we'll set up your site and maintain it. All you need to do is type your sales message and provide a banner (even providing a banner is optional, it's up to you, it's your site.)

Automated advertising that works for you 24 hours a day:

You can work long and hard trying to promote your site yourself, or you can set up your own a free classified site and let it run on auto-pilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Automatic registration to the most frequently used Classified Ad Submission Services

While you are strongly encouraged to promote your new classified ad site, we will also register your site with many of the top submission services. Your site will be automatically linked to the global autopost database and will begin receiving additional traffic from ads posted by other 3rd party services. Remember, everytime someone posts an AD, your Classified Ad site will CAPTURE their email address, and your autoresponder will instantly send them your sales message! This a great "reverse selling" technique, that really works. Why not sell to the same people posting ads on your site??!! It's a great traffic resource, and these people are always looking for great opportunities.

Statistics Tracking

Your Classified Ad Site will keep track of how many visitors your page is receiving. You can view your Hit Counter at any time. This is a very useful tool when trying to determine which advertising strategies are working best.

Addition to the Adsomatic Community List

This list makes it easy for people to find quality Free Classified Ad Pages and add their links to you. All of these Classified Ad sites are hosted and maintained by Ads-O-Matic, so they are always maintained and functioning correctly.





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