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What others say....

"I just set up my free ads site and just wanted to write in and tell you that this was REALLY easy! I am no programmer, and I don't want to be one! But I really enjoyed setting this up with my own logo, custom email message, and all.. I'm very happy with my free ads site, and you people made it simple--even for me."


Jonathan Frel, Owner
Opportunity People, Inc.

"People are coming to my free ad site, I am so thrilled! I have been trying to promote my site for a long time postings ads everywhere and it never worked! Now people come to my free classified ad site all the time, and I get their email address and send them my email message all day long without lifting a finger. This is really great, thanks again."

Diane Richmond
Work from Home Mom

"Hi, this is Darren Marsh, I am one of your subscribers and I want to tell anyone who is even thinking of starting their own classified site to DO IT!

I started my own classified site about a year ago, and it was a real pain. I spent hundreds of dollars (not to mention dozens of hours trying to do all the programming and set it up), it just wasn't worth it. I also found some free ads site where they gave them away, but they put their own banners on MY site, and they also sent out their own email messages to MY customers! It just wasn't worth it.

So, my advise to you (after looking into this for sometime) Adsomatic is the clear winner. Set up is easy, the cost is minimal, and the results are there. I found great success in selling my products to all the marketers who post ads to my site, and it all runs automatically. Good going Adsomatic! Oh yea, the commissions I'm making from reselling these ads sites is a great bonus, it paid for mine, plus an extra $350.00 this month. I'm one happy camper!"

Darren Marsh
Links-R-Us, Inc.


My hit counter now has over 3300 hits and growing! I never thought giving away something for free would land me this many leads. The automated emailer that sends my ads back to everyone who posts on my site is awesome, all I can say is WOW! This is truly response marketing."

Linda Yates
Scottsdale, AZ

Nice article sent in by J. Colanzi

Can You Really Make Money With Free Classifieds?

You see them all over the web, free classified ad sites.

Wow, imagine all the leads and traffic you can get if you
hit all the free classifieds. Once you start posting you
start dreaming of all the sales pouring into your inbox.

After you're done dreaming about all the sales, you start
thinking of all the ways you're going to spend that money.

Man alive, if it's this easy why isn't everybody cashing

Then as time goes by you start noticing a pattern. Most of
the emails you receive are from visitors who've harvested
your email address and consider you an open target for
their offers.

You're spending more time hitting the delete button, than
you are conducting business.

There goes your new car or house payment.

Right about now you're ready to throw up your hands and
join the internet is a scam crowd.

Well before you pull your hair out, maybe it's time to
change your mind set. Stop thinking like a consumer and
start thinking like an entrepreneur.

Remember what side of the register you're on.

You can make money with classified ad sites, but not the
way you think.

The real way to make money, get free advertising and
get tons of banner impressions is to have your own site.

There are many programs out there for creating your own
site, some complicated and some completely turn key.

Do a little checking and you'll find exactly what you
need to put you on the road to success.

How do I know?

My free classified ads site is one of the best moves I made online.

* I get free targeted traffic.

* I get free advertising

* Free banner impressions

Believe me it works.

So stop spend hours posting all over the web looking for
leads. Start letting the leads come to you.

So, yes you can make money with free ad sites, just not
the way you thought.

- J. Colanzi





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